A Travel Writer I Admire

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Here is a link to a fascinating travel article about New Mexico:


There are several elements to Rich’s writing that I find both effective and of professional quality.

The title is a hook – From this title, “Cowboys, Indians and Aliens,” the reader wonders how the eerie topic of aliens can possibly connect to cowboys and Indians.

Quotations – I think quality travel articles include quotations from interviews. This validates some level of credibility. Rich quotes the owner of a hotel he stayed in.

Using the proper names of things – know the name of the store, river, county, etc.

Tidbits of history – I think travel writing is more interesting when intertwined with history relevant to the area being written about. Rich is a history buff so this aspect is probably easier for him and is also a nice attribute of his travel writing. The reader learns about a UFO crash in 1947, shootouts with Billy the Kid, and Spanish architecture.

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